Help us train computers to make humans more engaged in conversations's goal is to be everyone’s assistant at work by outlining conversations and carrying out various tasks discussed for them. You'll be essential in making this vision a reality. As we're a small team you will have opportunities to grow and shape the company. We are conscious of encouraging a productive and rewarding culture of inclusivity, diversity and fun!
Software Engineer
As a software engineer at, you could be working on our customer facing interface, internal systems and APIs, help spec and design new products and features, or improve our core abilities. Most of our systems are written in Python.

What we're looking for:
  • Product focused engineer with a solid grasp of core fundamentals
  • Experience with Python, AWS, & Docker
  • Someone who is comfortable with wearing many hats without sacrificing quality
  • A background in engineering or another related field and a strong track record of building interesting projects
  • Comfortable with basic HTML / CSS / JS
  • Experience writing test-driven software for a startup or large tech company is a plus
We're excited to learn more about you! Send us a note at